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Children database

A detailed child’s profile that contains parents’ info as well. Our advanced segmentation system guarantees speed and simplicity of obtaining data. All data is available only for system users approved for that access.

Presence/absence reports

Track presence and absence trends for each child on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis thus making it easier to create detailed reports and bills.

Digital Bulletin board

Improve information flow and fast and easy add up announcements, share photos or documents. Shared media files are downloadable and available to everyone.


Send SMS and email notifications to all parents, specific groups, or in private 1on1 communication. Add polls and questionnaires, send event requests and invites, and digitalize documentation.


Record memorable moments (or perhaps some everyday activities) in children's lives and share those precious gems with their parents easier than ever before.

Children’s progress evaluations

GoKinder evaluations allow you to track the development and progress of each child from one place. Our evaluations are fully customizable and you can easily tailor them to suit your learning plan.


If your institution operates in several locations GoKinder enables you to track and oversee the activities of multiple kindergarten facilities in one system.

Income and costs records

Available at any moment, is a fully detailed report of received invoices and tuition payments for each child. Also, you can access all debts and delayed payments that are automatically updated.

Employees oversight and control

Centralize all data about your employees and track their activities and performance from one place using the powerful GoKinder HR module. This type of management incentives collaboration increases control and positively affects overall efficiency.

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